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From the book Classics of Spiritual Philisophy and the Present

Revelations from Divine Teachers

Written down by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil,
Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Vladimir Antonov

Translated by Anton Teplyy
and Mikhail Nikolenko


During the millennia of existence of human civilizations on the Earth, many spiritual seekers aspiring to our Creator and following His Teaching, achieved complete success on this Path.

They became Divine and merged with Him. And now, being Parts of One Universal God-the-Father, They help us incarnated people who have not finished the personal evolution yet.

This section presents conversations with some of these Teachers, which can be useful from the standpoint of the methodology of spiritual development.



We are in the pine forest where many mushrooms grow. We find ourselves inside a giant Divine Spiritual Heart that has a form of hemisphere towering above the forest. Looking deeper, one can see that It comes from the Infinity of the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness! This is yet another Divine Teacher a Representative of the Creator!

We take off our rucksacks, sit on old fallen trunks of trees, and rest a little. Then we ask Him to narrate about Himself.

My last name on the Earth was Bartholomew. I was a Greek philosopher. I cognized God-the-Father. I lived in Greece in the 11-12th centuries AD. Though I lived in Greece, I was a Catholic. I went through the entire activity of the Catholic Church, yet I cognized God-the-Father because I came to a direct contact with Jesus. And Jesus began to help Me and took Me to Himself.

Jesus shows the Path to God-the-Father. Though learning from Jesus is as adequate as learning from any other Divine Teacher that you know.

I know everything about you: even in the past I watched your work.

Tell us please about Yourself in more detail.

Well Let people know how through love for Jesus one can cognize the Father.

I was born into a family of sincerely and deeply believing people. I was named after saint Bartholomew; My parents attached much importance to this. In My childish understanding, it was related to the lives of the Apostles direct disciples of Jesus.

I grew in a small Christian community. The members of this community regarded themselves keepers of the traditions of the first Christians, who learned the Gospel the Teachings of Jesus from Philip and Bartholomew at the time of Their apostolic service in Greece.

In Greece, in Egypt, and in Syria throughout centuries there were schools and communities trying to preserve the true Christianity.

Understand: when the Teachings of Jesus fell on the soil of those who formerly studied Plato and Aristotle or of people with cruel habits and beliefs it produced different sprouts. In one case, people developed love, respect for the Higher Truths, and hesychia; in the opposite case, this led to the Crusades and Inquisition Unfortunately, the latter is more known to people

Those who studied formerly philosophy, i.e. people who inherited the culture of ancient Greece they could not become Crusaders or support the Inquisition.

On the ruins of antique spirituality, the Teachings of Jesus produced sprouts, which are not well known now.

The traditions of Hesychasm, which were developed in small Christian communities and monasteries, remained after the separation into two branches the eastern and the western ones: Orthodoxy and Catholicism. In the Catholic Church the memory about this has been almost lost. These are blank pages, not because nothing was written on them, but because everything was washed away, forgotten

I am trying to tell a bit about this

Were You a monk?

No, I was a philosopher I sought Truth, sought God. I studied both ancient philosophy and Christianity. In the beginning, I sought God with My mind.

But when I realized that Truth is not hostility and disagreements of movements but love, then Jesus began to reveal Himself to Me. At this point, My outer life ended and inner life began. It was a life of the consciousness aspiring to Jesus with love. It was a life of the open heart which converses with the Lord in a very direct way

I did not know meditative techniques and methods other than cordial prayer, which was known in the community where I lived. But untold love overfilled My heart when Jesus entered it! This Revelation of the True Love when the mind is silent is great, majestic, and staggering! The human heart expands so infinitely that it can contain the Lord! To live in this way is great bliss!

Thus I cognized Him. It was My life with Him! He came and it became the most important, it was the only important thing in My life! The questions which worried Me before fell away now! Only Christs Heart remained, Which expanded more and more in My heart!

My life became so simple that only Jesus remained in it and then He took Me into Himself, into the Father

Bring people into Me! I will give them Myself, will give them an opportunity to turn into giant spiritual hearts expanded in Calm! This is the most important thing! This is the foundation of the true spiritual work.

As a skyscraper with a strong foundation reaches for the sky, even so a soul can reach unbelievable heights if it is founded on unbreakable Love and Calm!

Your task is to kindle the hearts of people!

One may say that you have achieved victory when on the international scale your books will be regarded as classics of philosophical and religious thought, and excerpts from them will be included in educational programs!

The most important point is to teach people love! One has to develop the spiritual heart to fill it with love for all the living! Only thus one can transform the world on the Earth!

You can fulfill this! And in this work We are all at your service!

I repeat the eternal truths in slightly different variations. Yet, in what words can one describe what is Eternity and Infinity? One can only cognize this personally. This is My Beingness, and it will never cease! I am Love!

And remember that nothing in this world belongs to you nothing but your love for Me! This is your treasure, and it belongs to you by right! All your treasures are your love! No one can take it away from you! Love cannot be stolen, taken away by power, cannot be sold or inherited. Love can only be given sincerely and selflessly!

Love has a remarkable quality: the more you give it to others, the more you have it.

Yet love is a free bird: it lives and grows in freedom. Such human concepts as I want and mine are opposite to love, because they limit its freedom. All attempts to own love are doomed: love can be only received with gratitude, carefully and tenderly, as a great gift from the one who gives it to you.

Love enters through the only gate through the spiritual heart open to it! And then in such a heart arises a responsive wave of love going outside. Thus love lives and grows.

Divine Lutherans

We are again on the former Finnish lands occupied by Russians during World War II. The Soviet troops at the price of heavy casualties managed to force out from these lands all incarnate Finnish people. But Finnish Divine Teachers, who worked here, remained and continue Their Work among people.

No, They do not seek revenge on Russians. The Perfect Ones do not have such a quality as revengefulness. And moreover, God does not divide people by national characteristic. He is international and interconfessional in contrast to undeveloped people But He builds peoples destinies depending on the deeds performed by them Those who committed serious crimes here and everywhere cannot expect a favorable destiny unless they repent sincerely

Here there is a firry-piny-birch forest with hills, gullies, and brooks Two Divine Teachers are with us. Both in Their past are Scandinavian Lutheran pastors. We have known Them for years

How did Their earthly names sound? One of Them is Pastor Larry in His last Swedish incarnation. Another One did not tell us His name; He only said that His Finnish name is too difficult for us to perceive. He suggested that we call Him Freddy as His American friends called Him in His earthly life.

They want to speak with us at first not separately but together, because Their destinies are very similar.

We ask:

Tell us, please, how did You cognize the Creator and attain the fullness of Perfection?.

We All were embodied in this region more than once. Here was an exceptionally favorable environment for achieving Perfection, not only from the standpoint of natural energy and landscapes

It was very important that a Lutheran priest-pastor was not separated from people. A pastor and his flock lived as one family. The community solved the common everyday economic affairs by united efforts. And always the pastor was the main figure in these affairs. This ennobled people, and the pastor acquired priceless everyday experience by studying psychology of people who had a common spiritual Goal. For the pastor it was indeed personal experience of cognition of human souls: who needs to be given spiritual knowledge, what people could or could not understand.

Scandinavia is also a land of lakes! Water, boats, one shore, another shore Forests with berries and mushrooms, hares and squirrels A measured life and natural economy. I wish such a life for you!

What was the advantage of our pastors over Russian Orthodox ones? It was, among other things, a complete absence of drunkenness and natural communal life among forests and lakes

Take, for example, boatmen at work. Without troubles and worries, without drunkenness and profanity, on the background of positive emotions, all their lives went on in nature. This is very important! Their lives were also filled with sermons! Let us repeat: pastors and people were not separated, they were all the time in common companionship. How was the pastor different from others? Why did this particular man become a pastor? Because the community chose him and sent him to learn. It was a person recognized by the community, a person held in respect even before he became a pastor.

At the same time, there was a little of rites. Only for meditative attunement to the Father and His Son Jesus Christ mainly for this a grand divine service took place. And each divine service was a celebration!

What did You eat? Lakes, boats which You built Does it mean that You were fishermen? We never heard that present Lutheranism preaches a refusal of eating fish and meat

Of course, none of Us ate killed food.

The concepts of ethically right nutrition, which were called usually Puritanism, originated long ago. They existed even before the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

However, none of Us ever forced anyone to adhere to killing-free nutrition: all members of the community chose by themselves what to eat. And We never regarded the fish-based nutrition as a sin for people.

We explained to others that the pastor has to eat pure food, otherwise he would not be able to hear the voice of God. Some understood that this should be applied only to us, pastors, and respected. Others followed pastors example.

What kind of spiritual training did You use? Without special multi-stage meditative practices it is impossible to cognize the Creator and become Him. Did You have incarnate Divine Teachers? Or did each of You rely personally only on the help and spiritual guidance of God?

You know this: We all were guided by Odin, like you are now.

And concerning the techniques of meditation: one can master easily the whole highest Buddhi Yoga right here, on this Holy Hill where you are now

What can You say about todays Lutheran Church in Finland?

The concepts of Christianity became the basis of exotericism of the Lutheran Church. And in the past it blended perfectly with the esotericism which had existed on the Finnish land long before the coming of Christianity.

Crusades were, of course, destructive. But in contrast to Russia, where all the good, which had existed before, was destroyed completely by the Inquisition, in Finland some things remained.

Lutheranism is one of the healthiest, democratic movements in Christianity. It does not consider the priesthood as the highest ruling caste. The thesis about justification by faith alone was suggested by Luther, i.e. the idea that the Church is an indispensable mediator between God and man was refused.

And such sound Christianity combined very harmonically with the esoteric knowledge which existed on the Finnish land from the earliest times.

Is there a memory about this knowledge in present Finland?

Only that Church is successful which possesses not only exoteric external forms of worship, but also true esoteric knowledge.

However, you know how it is difficult to find a person able to encompass both exoteric and esoteric knowledge Of course, the chain of knowledge impartation breaks sometimes

We were Those Who had esoteric knowledge.

Official Lutheranism which exists now in Scandinavia is good in general, but the esoteric knowledge almost disappeared in it

Then the conversation was continued by Freddy.


Scandinavia! Lakes, rocks, fjords, giant spruces subtle beauty of nature of the North! Silent, strong, sturdy people lived there.

Here it was not possible to live a careless, lazy, and idle life. Such a life was considered shameful, and it was difficult to find a person who tried to live like this. And if there was such a person, he or she usually tried to become better, feeling isolation from all others.

How did You attain Mergence with the Father being a Lutheran pastor?

Through service to God I achieved Divinity.

And I had a wise tutor.

Did he teach You meditations?

No, he taught Me the most important thing to live according to the laws of God.

The true pastor lives taking care of the flock, and not only explains to people the laws of God but also lives according to these laws according to the laws of love and kindness. The true pastor teaches people by his or her own example.

The true pastor helps souls unite with God and never stands between God and man.

I also want to tell you about such everyday life with God which does not become stale, which does not turn into the daily routine of rules and rites.

Yes, the strength of emotional contact with the Divine Consciousness is great! But I want to speak not about these moments of spiritual ecstasies, but about the life of people in which it is necessary to repair a damaged roof and boats, to grow and reap a harvest during our short northern summers, to store up firewood for winter

It was the pastor who took care that people in their everyday work cultivated love for God in themselves! He helped to maintain the fire of this love, which burned like a candle, in every heart. The pastor kindled such candles in souls and watched that they did not become dim.

His sermon was concrete. He chose for conversations themes which were most important for the present moment.

The lives of all, their hopes and thoughts, were known to him. And the pastor strove to ensure that everyone with his, pastors, help learned to perceive oneself always on the palm of God, that all people knew that God knows all their thoughts, hopes, and deeds.

The pastor taught to live in openness, nakedness of the soul in front of God, Who is not a severe judge punishing people after death, but is our kind Great Father, Who is always near, is always ready to help in life, and will not leave us after death.

It is the Lutheran Church that by removing a priest as a mediator between man and God, made God real and close for every man! The pastor was just an assistant and a spiritual adviser, but not a mediator.

The pastor also united communitys families into one whole family of people living with God.

A divine service in the community was always a celebration where all people gathered; this allowed them to feel their oneness, unity in front of the Heavenly Father.

And the pastor during divine services tried to fill himself with the Holy Spirit in order to be as best a conductor of the Truth of God as possible. In this way, gradually the Mergence became stronger

A natural life in work and in unity with nature helped Me greatly in cognition of the Father.

You know how beautiful and tender the northern nature is! It does not have the splendor and bright colors of the south, but it allows one to feel the subtlety and purity, to fill oneself with silence and transparency!

In My opinion, it is best to experience and cognize God in such transparent silence!

I grew up among spruces, pines, and birches in the same way as you did. And I loved nature very much in the land where I was embodied.

But I also sought the highest predestination, the highest meaning of existence of everything. The lack of knowledge about the Highest saddened Me

Although the New Testament revealed to Me a lot, it could not satisfy Me, because it did not give complete information about the most important things: about the meaning of our earthly lives and about where and how to find the Creator.

I became a pastor mostly because of My desire to help others, to support them in life, to help them believe in their strength, to advise them to be strong and do not give up in front of difficulties.

I grew gradually in the purity and calm, expanding with the consciousness and attuning to the purity and calm of forests and lakes And after some time, this lucid, wide state became usual, natural for Me.

The aspiration to God helped Me advance further. I aspired to Him and often felt a touch of something that brought amazing tenderness In that way a conscious contact of the soul with Him became possible for Me

Before this, I believed in His Existence sincerely. But now I understood that I could really experience His presence in My life. This gave Me enormous joy, new strength to advance further!

I began aspiring to be in constant contact with Him in the depth of My spiritual heart.

After years of such training, I learned to live in constant Mergence with Him.

Then from the state of Unity with Him, I began looking with His eyes at people, at life situations in which I was engaged.

During many years of living in Mergence with Him, I got accustomed to this to such a degree that I could not think about Myself as about a being separate from Him.

And when the life of My material body came to an end, I just flowed into Him completely and forever.

What do You consider to be most important for those going to You?

An individual I cannot become Me! It has to dissolve, disappear!

One has to dissolve the boundary between oneself as a separate I and Me.

Pastor Larry:

I was embodied in Scandinavia several times. I love these northern lands! Transparency, purity, and austereness of northern nature create a unique harmony of beauty!

I went to God gradually: step by step, incarnation after incarnation, developing Myself as a consciousness, transforming Myself into Love. The conditions of the north teach people to be strong, firm, and courageous, to help each other.

In the last incarnation I was a Lutheran pastor in a small village in the north-eastern part of Sweden. It consisted of several houses located near a river. Around there was a forest consisting mainly of high spruces with garlands of cones. Squirrels, hares, bears, and foxes inhabited it.

A measured life in nature helped perceive calm, accustomed to the silence of mind, to the submersion into inner quietness.

In this small village I was the only spiritual teacher and the only well-educated person. I loved very much these open, honest people and cared about them. I was a teacher and a doctor. I taught children to read and to write. I healed diseases thanks to knowing many medicinal herbs. I delivered babies. People asked Me for advice and support; they trusted Me

It was the state of a soul giving itself to others and wishing nothing for itself. I gave Myself, My love to these people and taught them to appeal to God in every moment of daily life.

At the same time, I stayed one-to-one with God, because I could not rely on someone except Him.

Tell us, please, about Your meditative experience

Odin taught Me to meditate by merging the consciousness with surrounding nature and dissolving in it. And through this, I gradually submerged Myself into the depths of the multidimensional universe. There, in the Primordial Depth, I cognized the Father: the Purest and most Tender Living Boundless Light of the Primordial Consciousness.

And as soon as I became mature in His Abode, I learned to be this Light and to come, being It, to people.

In this way, My Mergence with the Father grew stronger up to the moment when I stopped to exist as a separate being.


Once, walking through the forest and gathering mushrooms, we came upon a high hill with a very steep slope. Despite being tired and carrying heavy rucksacks with mushrooms, we felt an unaccountable urge to climb up it.

We climbed and found on the top of the hill, above and beneath it, the purest Divine Light, which streamed up like a fountain.

We entered inside the fountain and studied it. This place turned out to be remarkable for work, for example, for cleansing the chakras.

We understood that this is a working site of one of the Divine Teachers.

Then we saw Him.

He said that He was called Borovik.

We asked Him to tell about Himself. He replied:

I was a young son of a local landowner. In that life I studied the Divine wisdom. These lands were Finnish, but we were a Russian family..

When was it?

1905 1945. I was a member of a Lutheran community.

Who was Your Tutor?

The Pastor Whom you know.

I developed Myself on this hill. There is a remarkable place of power here, which can help your students as well. Here, there is a fountain of the Divine Energy streaming from the Abode of the Creator. With its help, one can inflate oneself as a consciousness, like a balloon. In this way by doing it again and again one can grow the consciousness quickly, grow it with the Creators Energies!

I found this place Myself and brought others here. Everyone would take here as much as they could.

A Divine Woman His Mother came to us.

I took Her, too, into Me.

Nearby, a group of other Divine Souls was also present.

Are They Your Disciples?

Not exactly. This was a community where no one considered himself or herself higher or superior to others. We were all companions on the Path to the Creator. I walked first.

You know My Mother very well. Many years ago She helped you to gather mushrooms in this forest.

Pay attention to the possibility of connecting quite easily, on this place, ones heart with the Heart of the Absolute and attuning it to the subtlety of the Creator.

The same can be done on the place of Bartholomew, though in a slightly different manner.

In this way, one can easily achieve Mergence with the Creator on this place. This is the minimal program that I had mastered.

Bartholomew told you that Jesus took Him into His Anahata. And I was taken by the One Universal Creator into Him. I did not have apprenticeship with Jesus personally, but I followed His precepts concerning seeking the One Universal Creator it is this that constitutes the essence of Christs Teachings!

I will be with you always. Remember how I cognized God-the-Father here! And bring your students to this place!

Why do You call Yourself by such an unusual name*?

In childhood I fell very ill Neither doctors nor priests could help Me And once My mother appealed to God as she never did: If you really exist, You must help me!

And she leaned against the fence of a park.

A person passing by asked her, Are you okay? And helped her to sit onto a bench nearby It was a Pastor.

My mother burst into tears and told Him everything.

Why dont you ask advice from God? He asked.


In the same way as you ask Me. Do you think that God cant hear you?

Dont you see that His reply came instantly?! And now I will help you to hear the rest. Try to hear Him yourself: not with the ears but with the heart!

Move with your son to live in the forest. Buy a house in the pine forest near a lake. And live together with God! He will heal your son! Once you move, let Me know; maybe I will help you more!

The mother believed Him. They together with the father sold what they could and bought a small house in this place.

And I began to recover. I gained not only health and the beauty of nature, but also a spiritual Tutor. People gathered in our home to listen to the Pastor and to learn to love God. In this way, we lived as a community.

When I grew up, I Myself began spiritual work with those few who were with us.

But Why do You have such an unusual name?

Pastor jokingly called Me so! He told My mother: Your son will recover! And he will grow healthy as borovik! And I grew up!

John the Baptist

We were invited on a certain date to the forest place of power of Danish Lady.

Having come, we could not recognize Her Her face could not be seen clearly, and the energy was Divine yet different from Hers

Only after some time, we understood everything and began to laugh together with Her It turned out that Divine John the Baptist also came and united with Her by the Consciousness!

John, we waited for a meeting with You! Tell us, please, about Yourself. In Your incarnation at the time of Jesus were You Divine already?

Not exactly.

I was very big by the size and strength of the consciousness, when I was proclaiming to Hebrews about the advent of Christ. I was a prophet: I could feel and hear God. But I could not say about Myself as Jesus did: I and the Father are One.

Later I was embodied in Australia and was an owner and captain of a merchant sailing ship

John shows the sea and a sailing ship

You ask how did I develop Myself further? I blew the sails

It was very good for My future spiritual growth to learn to catch the wind by the sails

In the beginning I learned this when operating the sails of My ship. And later, in meditations I Myself became a sail, created a sail of Myself. I was also the wind that blew the sail

Do you remember how you mastered Pranava Mergence with the Flow of the Holy Spirit, combining this with the meditation The Sail?

In the same way I merged with Pranava: in the beginning with the horizontal Flow above the surface of the sea or land; then with the Flow going at an angle from a subtler eon; and then I did the same almost vertically.

In that way I became the Flow that comes from the Abode of the Creator.

And when I left the body forever, the Creator took Me into Himself

This was My path, in brief. Today I continue My work from the non-incarnate state mostly in Australia and Oceania. This is My area. A lot of promising souls are embodied and grow there.

Now you know everything about Me.

So, was it You Who taught us Pranava meditation?

No, it was not Me. But these methods are standard. They are a part of the compulsory program

John, do You want to tell something to incarnate people through us?


I see the true Christianity in you: the Christianity that accords with the Teachings of Jesus Christ given by Him then and with His present opinion.

But why do the faces of so many people begin to look mournful when they hear the name Jesus. This must be changed! Jesus is neither an icon nor a statuette! He is a Living Divine Joy!

I do not like pursed lips, cold eyes, and austere faces of parishioners in temples! It is painful for Me when with the name of Jesus people kill, burn, beat, when under this holy name they defile the sexual love, which allows people to give one another the highest manifestations of tenderness

They say: God suffered, and you, too, have to suffer! No! God is not suffering! God is Love! His essence is joy and bliss! And you have to create exultation of love and joy in yourselves! Let your hearts become filled with joyful and tender calm when you say the name Jesus!

Jesus does not come to churches where there are gloomy faces and lackluster eyes. He is with those whose hearts are kindled with love when they hear His name.

Symeon the New Theologian

We are on a small clearing in a pine forest. This is a place of hesychia a working site of Symeon the New Theologian.

In the past we worked at this place, filled with the Divine Consciousness of Symeon, in the state of deep inner quietness: the state when the I is dissolved, when the spiritual heart, filled with love and calm, expands far beyond the limits of the body.

Today He asks as to tell to other people the following:

All serious spiritual schools contribute to the development of spirituality on our planet.

But I would like to tell a little about the contribution of Christians-Hesychasts to this treasury of common knowledge.

The first direction of efforts made by these humble and steadfast seekers was LOVE FOR GOD, which can be developed only in the spiritual heart against the background of inner quietness.

Without this love one cannot gain true achievements!

If ones love for God fades away, then everything that person tries to do in the religious field turns into useless ritualism!

The second direction researched by Hesychasts was LOWLINESS OF MIND. Hesychasts taught to observe and destroy selfhood* in oneself. Gaining this basic skill of spiritual life is extremely important! Without it the Lord does not allow approaching Him!

I believe it is important to tell about it now, because many followers of the contemporary pseudo-spiritual directions tend to elevate their selves, while love for God remains at the background or even becomes forgotten Yet it is only through love, through development of the spiritual heart and gradual transformation of it into the Heart of Christ that one can traverse the Path shown by Jesus!

Of course, many true religious schools had teachings about repentance, about gaining inner quietness and cordial love: without them Mergence with God cannot be achieved!

And these milestones of the spiritual Path established by Christians-Hesychasts continue to serve people of the Earth.

Hesychasts showed examples of monastic life to the world, that is a life completely dedicated to God.

* * *

Once Jesus told a parable about a man whose granaries were full of grain. That man was proud about his earthly wealth! But God ended his life and he could not use the accumulated wealth

So, the most important things in human life are those contributing to the development of the soul! One has to tell about this to people; they need to know what multiplies their spiritual wellness, what is really valuable to God!

These are growth of love and purity of the soul and also service to God and to people!

Everyone has to understand it, so that one does not live life on the Earth in vain!

* * *

Let Me also tell a few words about illnesses:

An illness is one of the ways of how God talks to man!

This talk begins by the initiative of God. Often this happens when man directs all the attention to the material existence and forgets about the life of the soul. In such a case through an illness God points out to man the problems and vices of the soul which can be realized and corrected now.

Let Me repeat again: when one does not want to turn the look of the soul away from transient desires and deeds and direct all the attention and efforts to feeling oneself as a soul before God then such a one can be taught by God through an illness. In such a case, God allows an illness to come, that illness which is rooted in mistakes and misdeeds of that person and in unbecoming emotional states of the soul.

And what else can God do if this person has no understanding of the purpose of human life and the necessity of making efforts for realization of this purpose?

Being ill and separated from the worldly concerns due to the illness, one receives an opportunity to hear God. One does not necessarily hear God through the words. There is another way of gaining understanding of what God wants from you.

Of course, in this situation one needs also to heal the body as well by all available means. Only such an approach helps to restore the health fully: the health of the body and the health of the soul.

Unfortunately it often happens that only after seeing the approaching death people start to think about the purpose of their lives on the Earth and about how to realize this purpose. They think about what they would like to accomplish but have neither strength nor time to do it in the current incarnation

Yet even in this sad case, the illness and the coming death can be quite useful for the soul: if one does not fear to draw conclusions, then the soul becomes purified and prepared for the more favorable conditions of the next incarnation. In this situation, one begins together with God to make a plan of the next life in a new body. In this plan one can take into account all the past errors and thus can learn not to make them again in the future.

So let everyone think: does it make sense to wait for the end of the current life and beginning of the next incarnation if right now I have an opportunity to begin purification and transformation of myself-soul?

Everything said above is meant for souls who are already capable of thinking and being conscious of themselves.

The Law of Higher Love and Justice is not always clear to those who are too young now both by their bodies and by souls.

But in any case, everything that God gives to you is always good for the soul!.

Apostle Matthew

We are in a forest of remarkably tall and slender spruces, birches, and aspens. Everywhere around hazel hens are singing joyfully. They want to talk to us, regarding us as their guests!

We enjoy the forest sattva!

In summer here, in the contrast to other places in the forest around, one can gather many chanterelles. But now it is winter, December. Nevertheless, without much effort we gathered many mushrooms. At this time of year, it is not chanterelles but oyster mushrooms that grow here. Oyster mushrooms usually grow on the alder tree. But there are no alder trees here, so they have grown on birches

However, we have come here not to the hazel hens and not for gathering mushrooms. Here the Divine Teachers Apostles John and Mark are waiting for us. And for the first time, Apostle Matthew is also present. We even did not know that He, too, lives in the Abode of the Creator! They All, together with Divine Finn, Ushastick, and Dobrynia, closely stay here around one of the favorite places of Jesus Christ His place of Samadhi.

Jesus here, as well as on His other places of power known to us, is always present and available for conversation. The unique feature of this particular place of His is that here He helps one to activate not only the spiritual heart, but also the front meridian. This meridian plays a very important role in the functioning of the emotional sphere and allows one to experience fully the Divine Bliss. Here Jesus also helps worthy disciples to substitute all energies in their bodies with His Bliss

Jesus speaks about the Bliss which can be cognized on this place thus:

Such am I. Such is Every One of Us Those Who entered the Creator completely and became His Integral Parts!

Bring here, to Me, everyone whom I entrust to you!

Then Jesus switched our attention to His Disciple apostle Matthew.

How did You attain the Creator, Matthew?

It didnt happen in the incarnation known to you.

After this, I was embodied in England and sailed the seas. I loved the Ocean of the Creator and embraced It with Myself; I, as a consciousness, submerged into It together with the head and became It!

Jesus helped Me. He led Me into Himself. Since the moment when He accepted Me as one of His disciples, He has always been with Me.

What do You do now?

I give silence, wipe tears of those who want to cognize Me, but are not capable of doing this yet I submerge those who are mature into Me, caress them in Me And I help to remember about Me those walking the Path to Me

In the past, for a long time I had been seeking promising souls on the seas around the British Isles, but it was in vain. I carried the youth on My Hands, thought of them as of the sea cadets of Jesus Christ. I called them so and gave them to understand that this name is bestowed upon them. And some of them did understand this But having grown up, they became completely absorbed in the material plane. And that remained in their minds just as a childish game!

This is why now I am with you.

What would You advise us, Matthew?

The spiritual situation on the Earth is very lamentable! People do not know and do not want to know what God is and where to seek Him This must be changed!

Was Your Gospel distorted?

No, it was not. Only some words can be translated better.

Could You tell about Your incarnation at the time when Jesus Christ was on the Earth?

I prefer that you perceive Me as the One sailing the seas, loving the earthly oceans and the heavenly Ocean! I like this image more!

When were You embodied in England?

In the twelfth and seventeenth centuries

Were You embodied two times?

No, only once.


This is a joke! I had a wife. As the captain of the ship, I could take her with Me on journeys.

Later, she, too, attained Me in the Abode of the Creator!

In the next incarnation in the seventeenth century, she was a hefty man. He also sailed. And He did everything as I told her: repeated Me, repeated My Path completely.

When she was My wife, her name was Clara. And the next time

He came to us to show that appearance of His: a broad-shouldered man with a beautiful muscular body, a face radiating joy, and very gentle charm

You were acquainted with Him, although you did not have conversations with Him. It was to the northwest of this place several years ago

He began as a sea cadet. He was the only sea cadet of Jesus Christ who dedicated Himself to Me completely and cognized Me!

I want to say also a few words about how to distinguish between true and false religious views of people.

I mean that teaching people to pray by panhandling something from God is very harmful, because it encourages growth of ones egocentrism.

The true religiosity has to be manifested as a constant work on changing oneself in accordance with what God expects from incarnate people. It also implies service to God, rather than service to oneself. And one has to serve God, first of all, by spreading true knowledge about Him and about the Path to Him.

* * *

This time we came to Matthew on another of His places. This place was His favorite one and is located near a large fallen tree, lying among some moss in the midst of a pine forest, where it is possible to find many mushrooms.

Vladimir asked us to pay attention to the fact that it was possible to work much more efficiently on that place if we perceived Matthew in the depths, and not above the surface of the Earth!

If we, as consciousnesses, submerged ourselves into the depths, we could perceive there the extensive Light of the Consciousness of Matthew and submerge ourselves deeper and deeper inside this Light

Then, in that depth, it was possible to find not only the Light of the Consciousness of Matthew, but also the Light of the Consciousnesses of other Apostles and of Jesus Christ.

Many years ago, Vladimir continued I perceived Matthew here above the surface of the Earth. In those times, He used to invite us to sit with Him on this fallen tree, but it didnt come to my mind then to look wider! When I did it, it turned out that John, Mark and Jesus were here as well!

Matthew suggested that we submerge ourselves into the relaxation and then He started speaking:

I lull My children, those who love nature and stay in this place for a while! I try to help everyone to notice and understand that I exist and that I am Love!

Yet people dont understand this and dont want to understand! What they do out of their religious motives, in reality, bears no relation to God. They dont comprehend how Holy and Great He really is. They dont comprehend what they should do in order to pull themselves, as souls or consciousnesses, up to that Divine Standard. They dont comprehend, among other things, how they can refine themselves to become equal to Him in this!

But I and other Apostles managed to become equal to Him!

Not every one of Us reached this. Mary Magdalene did, because She grasped a great thought, mentioned by Her in Her Gospel. I refer to what Jesus said to her: there is no sin in love-giving!

Love is what unites people, what united Me with Jesus, what could unite everyone with God! In order to reach the Divine Perfection, in the entire universe there is no alternative to love!

This understanding should be implanted in the mentality of people: there is no sin in true love! On the contrary, love is the Way towards the Perfection!

However, one should comprehend clearly what love is. Love is that which is not for oneself! Love is to give from oneself to another, to others!

Only those who have understood this and fulfilled this totally become Christ, as We became.

Some of Us achieved the Divinity when We were with Jesus; some did this later. This doesnt matter right now. What does matter is that this principle works always, in all the most distant corners of the infinite universe.

It is also important to note that through tender and subtle love, the potential, denominated as Kundalini, is accumulated, which ensures stable and correct future self-development.

Dogs, loved by you, could serve as an example of the fact that love transforms souls: you can observe how love flames up in those dogs souls when they start wagging their tails! And soon these beings, becoming humans, will cognize higher love.

This is what moves all beings to the heights of Perfection: sincere and tender love-giving!

Jesus joined the conversation:

The Book of Knowledge should be used by everyone as a base for the art of the spiritual work on oneself!


This Book of Knowledge* was written for the first time by Vladimir Antonov in a simple and clear language, accessible to everyone who has a more or less developed intellect. And let this Book serve as a foundation for the future development of the entire planet Earth!

So few people recognize now a right of another person to write about Me, about Us! They trust only in antiquities, in those things that were written long ago by prophets. They dont understand that it is really possible to become God here and now. This information is beyond the comprehension of the obtuse minds of people who live by petty concerns of each day.

Apostle Mark

I, Mark, greet you! With all My heart I am with you! And with My hands I help you to carry the load which you shouldered!

Mark, You told us that You, like Matthew, were embodied in England after living on the Earth at the time of Jesus. Tell us, please, who were You when You came to that incarnation? And how did You cognize the Creator?

I had no memory about the past incarnation in the mind. Yet, there is also the memory of the soul, consciousness. Born in England at the time of domination of Catholicism, I felt Myself as a caged bird. The soul, which has touched the Great One, cannot be accustomed to living in a cage, even in a very comfortable one!

Imagine: the name of Jesus would cause rejoicing in My heart, while the Church repulsion in the soul! I had no possibility even to read the Gospel which I wrote in My past incarnation

Who did teach You when You were embodied in England?


All of Us, Who had come into contact with Jesus, next time were born with hearts in which Jesus lived. Wherever We were Jesus was always with Us. He had breathed into Us the True Life and we flew to other lands, to other lives* carrying the Light of Jesus in Ourselves. Like ringed birds, We all were betrothed to the Love of Jesus

Do you remember, I told you once that after resigning from the post of ambassador, I began receiving messages from God? I began hearing and seeing Jesus then!

Tell about this in detail, please!

I was an ambassador. Once, before starting on a journey with a mission from the embassy, I came to a temple and prayed that God would give Me strength and the ability to speak the words which are pleasing to My Lord I thought that I was asking for the affairs of My embassy

Suddenly, bright Light flooded around and I saw Jesus!

He said:

The work which you do is not the one you must do, My beloved Mark! You should ask from Me words of another kind; you should concern yourself with other kind of affairs!

I will fulfil your request, though in a way other than you expect: I will teach you what to do and how to speak!

Resign from your post and hand over your affairs. I will entrust you with a different post to be My Messenger! From now on, you will do what your Lord wants!.

When I had resigned from My post, they counted Me insane and allowed Me to leave to a family castle to live there in seclusion

Since then, only Jesus remained in My life! It was enough to utter His Name and He immediately manifested Himself, filling with Golden Shining everything around Me and inside Me. He became more real than everything material that surrounded Me I talked to Him Living! He showed Me My past life, the episodes of His life He called Me gently by My former name Mark

Then He began to show Himself differently as Universal, One with the Creator! He taught Me meditations of Mergence with Him and submerged Me into Him.

I asked Jesus:

How can I help people?

He answered:

Look: I have touched many souls, and everyone who aspires to Me receives My help as you do.

There is a transforming touch of God on a soul; after it the former life in sins and vices becomes impossible, unthinkable for the soul. It is called the moment of truth.

Very few people are ready for such a touch. I will help you to find them. One has to learn to see them and see the moment when one may touch the soul of man in this way

You gave Me your heart forever and I give you forever Mine, which is One with God-the-Father! I will be always with you, in you! I will give you the words to speak My Truths! I will give you the Strength of Spirit That cannot be shaken by trials! I will teach you to see the moment when with My Fire you may touch souls.

God-the-Father will live in you as He lives in Me!.

I fulfilled this commandment of Jesus.

I found those few to whom I could give His Teachings in all their fullness.

Jesus also dictated a book through Me, which became a textbook for Me and some of My disciples

Unfortunately, what I had done did not remain among people for long

* * *

To pass from sattva to the Abode of the Creator, one needs to make only one step! It is necessary just to know how.

Sattva is paradise, a paradisiacal state of the soul.

In the present time, only a very few people cognize paradise! In total, approximately 400-450 people all over the Earth cognize true sattva.

And how many of them will achieve the Divinity?

None, on average! Such is the planet right now, the planet that doesnt exist for God!

The productivity of the planet for God is very small now!

That is why there is a tendency towards a greater and greater number of destructions on the planet Earth. What for? To help people come to their senses and begin to look for God instead of just talking about Him!

Apostle Philip

I am glad that you came here

Do you remember how on this place, when Vladimir brought you here, you for the first time could see Jesus with the eyes of the soul and received His blessing to continue your efforts? You were at the very beginning of the Path to God-the-Father

I do remember it I remember it in all details!

Philip, please tell about how You saw Jesus for the first time.


At that time, we had been waiting for the advent of the Messiah for a long time

One day My sister ran into the house crying:

Philip, He has come!

She could say nothing more

Many people went to the open space out of the village, where He wanted to speak.

A lot of people had gathered, but there were no usual hubbub and bustle; everyone waited

Suddenly, amazing transparent silence fell over the place.

And Jesus began to speak.

He spoke not loudly, but it seemed that His soft voice sounded not outside, but inside everyone who listened And however far from Him people stood, they could hear His every word

Later, many times I experienced that amazing state when Jesus submerged all the listeners into Himself as a Consciousness and spoke with each soul as if one-to-one, however many people were around And everyone knew that Jesus spoke personally to him or her

When the sermon was finished, people dispersed overfilled with what they heard. They walked in silence as if fearing to spill the invaluable truths with which Jesus filled their souls And I could not move: My legs as if stuck to the ground

I did not know how I would live further without Him Everything I had been doing before, had lost its meaning

But only He could teach to do the things about which He told

Jesus came to Me Himself and called Me by My name as if He knew Me He asked, Do you want to follow Me?

I answered:

I do, Lord! Wherever You go take me with You!.

Jesus touched My shoulder and said:

Come, you may follow Me.

* * *

Philip, tell us please about how Jesus taught

It is difficult to convey it with words He taught by all His life; He taught by His every word and deed!

He exposed in us that which was imperfect. He taught to root out vices in oneself, because one cannot approach the Father having not become the Pure Light!

He taught meditation: taught by submerging us into His states, by explaining how to enter them, how to retain them in whatever hard conditions our bodies could be.

Whether He commissioned one of us to do something, whether He worked Divine miracles in our presence His every word and deed changed something in those who listened and followed Him.

Since the time we met Jesus, we had no life other than the life with Him. Everyone renounced everything they had in the material world in order to follow the Lord!

But it was not enough to become One with the Father, as Jesus taught. One had to renounce oneself as well

He did not have much time

We had to complete the transfiguration of Ourselves and to cognize the fullness of Mergence with the Heavenly Father when We were walking to different countries carrying His Teachings to people. And Jesus was always with Every One of Us

Do You want to say something more, Philip?

I would like to, but there are no words in the world to express this I would like to tell about the love for Jesus I will tell about this without words to anyone who ask Me

I want to tell also about Christs Heart. Many people use these words when edifying others Yet do they understand what these words mean?

It is one of the greatest discoveries that a seeking Christian can make!

Christs Heart is larger than anything that ordinary people may see in the earthly life!

Therefore, just by reasoning about It in words one cannot gain even a slightest understanding of It!

This Heart embraces with Its Love everything! In this Heart there is an infinite Source of Love and life-giving Power! Like an infinitely large Sun, this Heart shines beneath the entire world!*

By feeling this Heart, you can feel also the Love of Christ which He carried in Himself to people!

Only having felt this Heart as yours, can you understand the fullness of this Knowledge

Therefore, I say: the duty of every true Christian is to strive to become Christs Heart, so as to become truly similar to Him!

I am ready to help all who seek Jesus, who seek the Father!

Jesus and many other Sons and Daughters of the One Father breathed life into your undertakings which will create a new spiritual spring on the planet Earth! We All are glad to give Our help to you!

Apostle Andrew

I have been waiting for you! Listen:

Before we saw Jesus for the first time, we had heard a lot about Him from John the Baptist and had been waiting for His coming. Yet despite the fact that we had been anticipating it and preparing ourselves, a miracle happened the great miracle of being with Him, Living!

None of us were ready for encompassing at once the knowledge that Jesus brought He taught us He taught when He was speaking or keeping silence, when He was edifying others, when He was eating together with us meager food shared equally, when we had no place to stay overnight, when people were praising Him and when they were blaming Him Every moment of being near Him was education for us

I would like to recount one episode It was before the beginning of our apostolic Service. Once, Jesus sent some of us to heal and to preach in a village, but He Himself did not go with us

We walked joyfully and proudly: Jesus entrusted us to heal with His Power!

In the village, we tried to speak as He would speak and repeated His words. Then we began to heal, but nothing happened There were no miracles We only incurred ridicule:

Where is your God?! You are deceivers!.

We came back disgraced

Jesus met us with words:

Where is your faith? Where is your love? Where was your Father when you were healing?.

We answered:

He was with You

If He is with Me and not with you, Andrew, then who will heal? You?

When you are doing His Work the Father rather than Andrew must be in your body! It is the Father Who gives the blessing and power! He does the work with your hands! If there is no His Will, words cannot help: the lame will remain lame, the blind will not recover the sight.

And Jesus said to us:

Go back!.

We answered:

We cannot, because no one will believe us there anymore! Let us go to another village.

Jesus said again:

Go back and let the Father go in each of you! Do not be afraid of ridicule! And if they want to beat you, also do not be afraid! Do not be afraid of death! Do not be afraid of pain! Heal those pointed by Him and show thus His Power and His Love! I will be with you!.

And we went. People laughed at us. And stones flew. But each of us felt the Light of Love of Jesus and the Power of the Father And even stones flew past us

The mockers did not come to be healed. It was the miserable ones who had great love for the Lord that came and they said:

If its His will, heal me a sinner!.

And they were healed. We praised Jesus and the Father and said:

Go and do not sin again!.

And the Power of the Father was in us.

In this way we mastered the law of the Higher Power: There must be no one between the one whom you are helping and God: any trace of I does not allow the Power of the Father to flow The Father can manifest Himself through your body only if there is no you as a lower I.

It could not be mastered at once. But with time, it became more and more easy to be a Vine!

When You went preaching without money, without any support except God how did You get by, how did You survive?

We thought about this least of all. Sometimes we were given a feast, sometimes a beating. In this way we went preaching with Jesus; in this way each of us went afterward according to his lot

And if we remained hungry, it meant that the Bread of the Lord had not satiated the souls to whom we had come, and we grieved only that they remained hungry

Or, if the seed of the Lords words fell on rocky soil, how could we grieve for being stoned if we knew that the seeds of His Love would not sprout there?!

It is easy to live with absolute faith! Jesus taught Us this: If you have to accept death, you accept it! If God prolongs your life, you serve Him!

It is so easy! to trust Him absolutely, Who is with you and in you! Your strengths, your hands, your mouth, your thoughts serve Him, and He will provide to you all the rest: all that He considers necessary for you

Each day of life increased His Glory and brought us closer to Him!

The more time passed the less of the former Andrew remained in me, and the more was of Andrew the First-Called Jesus Andrew, Andrew-Son of the Heavenly Father

And, crucified on a cross, True Andrew preached. When the guards wanted to release Me, they could not even come near

I was coming to Jesus!

The Father willed it so: I was going away to Him!

It was easy for us! It was much easier for us than for Others Who reached the Father! Since the moment we saw Jesus for the first time, He was with us.

We were not like rivers which have to make their way. No: we merged with a great River that had already made Its way to the Ocean. Jesus showed us the Way! We walked nearby, we walked with Him just a bit behind! It was easy for us!

He showed the Way and gave the power to walk! He taught us to unite with the Power of the Father! And each of us wished to complete His Path and enter the Abode of the Father as Jesus did. The cross death was desired by us!

We walked the Path of Jesus!

We carried His words to people!

We did what He entrusted to us!

Jesus was always with us!

And now We are with Him in the Heavenly Father!

* * *

Affliction comes when man remains alone, without God.

If man lives not for God, affliction comes.

One must not live so! One must live in Me and for Me!

The first feat of the soul on the Path to the Father is the feat of being aware of His constant presence. Then one begins to live feeling oneself before Him. Then on His scales one weighs all thoughts and deeds

The second feat of the soul is the feat of serving Him. Every thought and deed must be done for Him.

Through mergence of the first two feats one realizes full devotion to Him.

The summit of the souls life is the third feat Mergence when you give yourself to Him entirely and do not think about yourself anymore, forgetting the personal in Great Love for Him! Then the great sacrament of Joining, Reunification is possible. When everything that was you becomes love and is given as a gift to Him then the giver disappears because you have given away everything, including yourself.

The one who comes into Him says: There is only You Father!

The One Who comes out from Him says: I and the Father are One!

And then the Highest becomes possible that which Jesus demonstrated to people by His life. This means that one realizes the Mission, being not an individuality anymore!

Apostle John

Jesus was with Us! Jesus was in Us! He united Our hearts in Himself! Through the Love of Jesus We became One with the Father! The Heart of Jesus became the Heart of Every One of Us!

The Love of Jesus smelts, transfigures, heals!

God is Love! Jesus demonstrated this to people!

Receive His Love into your hearts! This is the Love of the Father! This is the Love of Every One of Us!

Here in His Abode All Who have cognized Him are One!

I will help everyone who wants to master the Love that Jesus talked about. It is enough just to address to Me recalling My name!

I am One with the Father, and there is nothing impossible for Me! By the Power of the Father, I will create everything that is needed for teaching, all favorable conditions for development of My disciple! There is no power in the universe that can thwart this!

But let those who ask Me for help, whom I will guide, make on their part all due efforts; without this successful advancement is not possible!

They must be sensitive in order not to overlook My hints and guiding signs.

They must be brave to believe in the possibility of direct guidance from God and follow it in life among atheists and pseudo-believers.

They must be freedom-loving to be capable of breaking away from habitual worldly things and climbing to the heights that others consider unreachable.

After all, is it possible to become like Jesus in a different way?

Live for the future, for the life to come! Dont get stuck in the swamp of daily problems and concerns!

The future opens before you the shining prospects of the life in Me!

Mary Magdalene

One day we were going to a certain working site, and when we were passing by the place of power of Jesus, He invited us to visit Him.

He said: I must say a few words to you and give you an assignment: you should tell people about My Disciple and travelling Companion Mary Magdalene.

I certainly understand that it is not possible to cover All Those Who reached Mergence with God-the-Father in one book... However, I ask you to dedicate at least a few pages to My beloved Mary! Her love and devotion deserve to be mentioned and described so that they can serve as an example for many people! You could try to gather all that you have perceived during your many meetings with Her.

... We often visited a favorite place of Mary Magdalene. It was Her working site near a lake, on a high hill overgrown with pine trees and heather. Almost always the Apostle Mark was also present there. Jesus and many Other Divine Teachers often gathered on this place to meet and talk with us.

... We are sitting in the quietness of a forest and in the beauty of a morn, being accompanied by Mary. Other Divine Teachers are also nearby. They are Those Who have attained Immortality and open with Themselves an entrance to the world of Light, Love, and Great Divine Perfection, the world in which there are no diseases or suffering, sorrows or fears, the world of Love, Which can work great miracles.

Here, on this place, one can master numerous meditations, but for today, the Subtlety and Tenderness that Mary Magdalene demonstrates with Herself as a Consciousness are the most important.

It is not easy to transmit the peculiarity of Her state using only words. It is an amazing transforming Tenderness!

One needs to imprint this Tenderness, saturate oneself with It, and learn to give It to other people who are worthy!

Her appearance is beautiful! She has endearing amber-brown eyes and long, thick, and slightly wavy hair...

Everything around us dissolves in the gentle and caressing Light of the Consciousness. This Light enters everyone who merges with Her in reciprocal love. It seems that Her Light washes from the soul all sorrows or painful wounds of the past if they still are present. This is the state that heals souls and calls them for the great Love-Devotion for God!

She shows that one can live radiating and giving the identical Tenderness!

It seems to me that it is impossible to forget Her if one manages to feel, at least once, what She shows! It is also impossible to remain the same person after this!

She gives an understanding that even those souls who were crippled by a life in sins and vices have the possibility to cleanse themselves, to heal themselves, and to transform themselves through immersion in Gods Love and through self-transformation into the identical Love!

She says:

There is no sinner for whom salvation is impossible! Nevertheless, there are those who in their spiritual blindness do not want to be saved...

On the contrary, those who have opened their eyes for the Truth and who yearn for salvation can really transform themselves!

To explain this, Jesus came to the people of Earth!

... Once, when Mary and Jesus were with us, it was possible to attune ourselves to Them and see how They looked at each other, how They interacted.

On this day, They gave us the model of Love between Souls Who attained the Perfection.

They are an example of the fact that a special connection between Those Who loved one another, being in bodies on the Earth, can be preserved in the Divine world as well.

Mary suggested:

Try to see Jesus with My eyes! Then it will be easier for you to understand Me and to hear My words in your spiritual heart connected with Mine!

Feel the way I lived:

I looked only at Him! I looked at the entire world as if through Him, with His eyes. I was learning to think as He thought! Through the love of Jesus, I cognized the Love of the Heavenly Father!

I did not separate Myself from the Love of Jesus even for a moment! I lived in it: I breathed, I thought, I ate, I drank, I went to sleep and got up, I spoke and was silent!

Love for Him was in Me all the time! It became like a principal part of the soul! Love was like the air I breathed, like the space of His Light in Which I lived constantly!

I could not stop loving Him even for a single moment; His body might be near or not this didnt matter!

In this way gradually one can learn to love God, including in the Form That is not incarnated in a body. In this way, one can learn to live feeling permanently the Presence of God!

The love for the One Who has cognized the Heavenly Father can transform the souls and change peoples destinies!

He spoke to be heard by people. That is why We will repeat His words again and again!

We should carry the Truth to people! It is essential because souls are wandering in darkness without the Truth and do not know about the Divine Light! And the hearts grow cold, the hearts of those who do not know about the great and transforming miracle of Gods Love...

His Teachings are necessary for souls so that they can cognize Love and Light!

Describe Jesus! Describe His eyes and hands! The Light, Which is not visible to the material eyes, flows inside His hands! In them, there is the creative Power of the Heavenly Father!

Explain also how the power of His Love enters the hearts of people if they attune themselves to Him. Then their own power grows up, and their healing becomes possible!

Describe also those who do not understand Him, whose minds are so blindly committed to the dogmas of a false faith that they do not listen to the Truth! It is fundamental to speak about this again, because centuries have passed and new dogmas that eclipse the Truth about God have appeared...

It is so difficult for a blind heart to find its way to the Heavenly Father! Teach hearts to be capable of seeing!

Only love begets wisdom!

Describe as well the magic of the Communion with the Divine Love and with the life in the Light and in the Truth!

One can take a real Communion by becoming a Part of that Love in Which We All are One in the Infinite Tenderness and Omnipotence of God!

Words are not enough: they cant express everything! However, these words are filled with Our Light!

... I will tell you much more about Him. Maybe, later on it will turn into the Book about the Master Jesus, or it will be Parables from Mary Magdalene...

Jesus Christ

I am equal among All Who constitute the Essence of the Father. There are no less equal and more equal among Us, because We All are One!

And, as anyone of Us, I represent the Father, independent of by what Name He is called.

Unfortunately, so few people understand this! This is why there are so many evolutionary recoils, tragedies of individual souls and whole nations! This is why the evolutionary perspective of the planet Earth is so low now!

* * *

When I said the name Jesus, the sun began to shine through the clouds of the cold gray day He came and filled the room with the Light of the Divine Consciousness

Why are you afraid of speaking on behalf of My Name? Am I worse than Others?

I am afraid of making harm by inaccuracy of my perception Because so much is written and said about You already Do we need more?

Why are you not afraid of speaking with Others? You do know Me! And why do you think that those who wrote about Me two thousand years ago knew Me better? Look, I am here with you now!

It is about this that I want to speak! I would like to say this to people who love Me, seek Me, but for some reason dare not appeal to Me directly! I want to change the situation where Jesus is an icon for praying, where only the Bible can speak about Me, despite the fact that it was changed and interpreted by people

I am Living! I am here, in your room! And at the same time, I can be with many of My people, because I am omnipresent! Because I and the Father are One!

I would like to give this possibility to communicate with Me to all who love Me, to all who seek Me!

I want to speak now, with your help, about the reality of Jesus for everyone!

Let every person, who is reading these words, experience Me standing now behind him or her, and with love ask Me to enter his or her heart the spiritual heart

I will be with everyone now with everyone who wants this!

The Light and Love of the Father come with Me into you!

This is yours by the right of the children of our Heavenly Father!

If you want, I will come always, always when you call Me into your heart!

You will learn to recognize Me!

You will learn to see Me!

You will learn to hear Me!

I will be helping you!

I will teach you the laws of God, the laws of Love!

I am always ready to be with you!

I am near! I am ready to be in your spiritual heart! I am as real now as I was real when I spoke to Paul!

If the Light of Love is burning in your heart, then I am already in you!

Give this Light to people!

I have repeated this many times through prophets! I came to the Earth for this purpose, so that My and My Fathers Love may dwell in your heart!

You ask how you can know that this is true, that I am actually now with you? Look: I am answering your question And it will be so always if you want this! I will come, I will help, I will answer your questions, because I love you!

It is for this purpose that I was on the Earth 2000 years ago! It is for this purpose that now I am here! I would like to show once again the Path to the Abode of Our Heavenly Father your and My Father! Love is the Path to the Father!

You can begin right now to learn Love! Experience how My Love and your love strive to shine for all from your heart to those who know Me and those who do not!

Do you know by what you are different from Me now? I am just bigger: My Heart is the whole Ocean of the Father giving Love. While you just learn to do this.

I love you! And what about you?

Yes?! It means you did it! But do not be proud: you will have to do much more!

* * *

We are in the winter forest. Everything is filled with quietness. The morning begins. Soon from the horizon the sun will appear. But now the light is just embracing the white trunks of birches and is sinking in the verdure of spruces. Mist from the melting snow covers the sleeping earth with a soft coverlet Everything is sleeping Calm and silence

I enter the place of power where Jesus is always present. Here His Light fills a clearing. This Light, like sunlight, is the Light of Jesus Love. It is felt by birches and spruces growing here: they differ from the trees which stand around by their particular beauty and power.

A hare perplexed by my coming leaves this place with great reluctance, looking back at me discontentedly. It slept so cozily in the Love of Jesus

In contrast to almost all people, many animals feel very well the Holy

Jesus He approaches with His Face to me

The majority of people are used to believing that one can communicate with Jesus only in temples But He is omnipresent!

And there are special natural places the places of power, holy places where this can be done especially easily. Here one can perceive words of Jesus, merge with Him by the consciousness, dissolve in Him in the easiest way

The meditation is There is no me, only Jesus is

Now Jesus begins speaking:

Try to experience how many souls I hold on My hands on all the continents of the Earth, how many people call Me: Lord Jesus, come to us! This is My field on which I work. This is the field which I sowed, and now there is a multitude of souls devoted to Me.

The climate on the Earth is inhospitable now. I am glad that in the silence of your northern forests there grows one of the Branches of My Love your School, which is My School as well! Hesychia and love filling the spiritual hearts are the base of the Straight Path to the Father! This is what you can give to the world from Me! Do this for Me, do this for the Heavenly Father!

One has to unite people in their love for the Father! One has to explain to them that not new Pharisees but Living God our Loving Heavenly Father helps everyone who directs the eyes of the soul to Him!

Love transfigures souls! Transfiguration and purification of souls in love allow the Light of God to warm and consecrate the life of such people!

Create love on the Earth!

All the Earth is open for you! Tell everywhere about Me and the Father!

Spiritual hearts living in freedom this defines ones success on the spiritual Path! Let peoples hearts not be constrained by anything! Where are there such conditions? in the forest in nature!

Accept on yourselves the mission of spreading the true knowledge about God, about Me! You are My apostles! And you have to transform yourselves from the state of apostles into the state of Messiahs! This can be realized only through service. Realization of Missions from Me can turn man into Me!

All countries have to begin to speak the language of the new knowledge about God and about the meaning of life! I invite everyone to participate in this work! This requires, first of all, that one overcomes ones own inertia.

You know that the main meaning of the word religion is Mergence! To walk the religious Path means to direct all the strength of the soul to achieving this Mergence.

It is the Yoga that Krishna taught about! It is the Yoga taught by Me: Love your Lord with all the heart, with all the soul!.

The fullness of love for Me is Mergence with Me!

If you love Me, you forget about yourself and do everything only for Me, and then only from within Me.

To dissolve in Love, to abandon oneself and then there remain no personal, egoistic interests!

What prevents one from doing this? The vices of the soul! They are like dark spots, dark contaminations that do not allow man to dissolve completely. They are like hooks that attach man to the earthly

I want to tell also about love

Some believe that love is only meditations

In reality, love has very many aspects!

I, too, am Love!

And one of the most important manifestations of love is to care about others. Only they who truly care about Me, that is about My souls* only they are worthy of Me! Living by others interests, they forget about themselves. And only such a self-forgetting soul is needed by Me: I let in only such souls!

By forgetting about yourself, you gain Me!

To care means to realize the interests of others: what do they need, what is most favorable for them from the standpoint of the Evolution of God.

Serve Me! as I served in the past, as I do it now!

The one who refuses to serve Me is not worthy of Me!

The one who is not worthy of Me cannot live in Me!

Learn to be for all only Pure Light, only Love!

Love means care, forgiveness, respect, devotion

Develop in yourselves the missing qualities; I need not only meditation in you!

Hold My souls in your hands and under their weight submerge into Me!

Yes, it is not easy to learn to be Divine Love! One has to have power to realize the Will of the Father. And it is in service to the Father that ones heart grows and the arms of the heart become stronger!

As a fire becomes brighter, even so the Love of God with your efforts can be ignited in many hearts!

Your fire has been built already, and the Divine Flame burns in your hearts. Yet if you do not support it with your service, it will fade.

Kindle new hearts with the flame of Divine Love! Use every chance for this purpose, because there may be no more chances!

One has to bring to people the truth about their Father! The wave of new knowledge about God has to go throughout the planet and fill human souls! And where there are Lords seeds in human souls there will be sprouts!

Let all other life purposes disappear for you; let only I remain for you!

The Totality of My Beingness everyone who strives to become Me has to master it! With the feeling of My Grandiosity one has to perform actions! You must act not as an ordinary person but as a consciousness coessential to Me! If you embrace the entire Earth with yourself, if you feel yourself coessential to the Divine Consciousness, if you feel that you bring to people of the Earth the truth from God-the-Father you cannot become faint-hearted before any task on the Earth!

Look at your service from within Me! Approach this task from My Greatness! And then all the indecisiveness and hesitations will disappear! One has to strive to act in earthly situations not from the body but from within Me!.

What do we need to do to change more successfully the worldview of people? Only a few of them want the true knowledge!

One has to try to grow in people the ability to love, try to help them understand that it is love that brings one to God! You can also help them to feel the touches of God. And then some of them, not all, will aspire to Me!

Some seeds fall on rocky soil, yet this does not mean that one does not have to sow! And I will show you where to sow.

Explain to people that the desire to give rather than to receive is the most important thing!

The service to Me is a prerequisite for the personal cognition of Me!

One has to cognize Me not for ones own sake, not for ones own blissful states, but in order to give My Love to others more successfully, in order to serve Me! Only then one can come to Mergence with Me!

Everyone has freedom of choice on this Path. Everyone has to decide how to develop and to serve Me. And let Me repeat that an egoistic motive is wrong here: it does not work on the Path to Me.

And remember: it is a basic right of the soul to become one with the Father!

Through you God wants to help many people!

What do we need to do now for this?

Be open for the Power of God to come through you to the Creation!

You have to be always an open window, a passage from the Creator to the world of the Creation!

I am the Door one comes to the Creator through Me!

I am the Logos I say His Words to people!

I am the Vine: through Our bodies the Great Power goes, which brings fruits to ripening souls!

How can one learn to stay always in Mergence?

All the chakras have to be filled with the state of the Sun of God. Learn to live in this state! The Sun of God has to shine through your bodies the Sun in which you and I are one.

Tell us, please, more about Yourself, if possible

To the incarnation known to people I came from the Father! I came to fulfill what was predicted in the Scriptures and to demonstrate the Love of the Heavenly Father to people. I came to show the Way to people by all My life.

The body of boy-Jesus, educated in the traditions of Judaic faith, could not comprehend at once all the knowledge about My future course of life, all the fullness of the Father's Wisdom and Power. I felt inside Me Great Love and Power, coming from the depths of Me, but it was not yet the knowledge that I was the Messiah to come that prophecies talked about

In that earthly life, I had to unite with the Father in such a way that the Power and Love of the Father could be manifested freely to the world through My body and that great miracles could be possible!

Yes, miraculous phenomena occurred in My life since birth. But I had to master manifesting consciously the Will and Power of the Father. It was necessary for making possible My broad preaching to people preaching of the Laws of Fathers Love!

The laws of Jews of that time required to avenge, to hate, to kill But I knew and carried Fathers Love to people!

From a certain age, having cognized quietness inside My spiritual heart, I began speaking with Him.

And gradually, having expanded in the Infinity of the Creator, I began to perceive Myself as the one chosen by Him for the Great Work.

When I reached the age of thirteen, He led Me to travel to many countries, where I received the spiritual knowledge accumulated by humanity, including meditation techniques that were necessary to guide the worthy ones to the Father

I cognized the Teachings of Gautama Buddha the laws of love and compassion, the laws of non-attachment to worldly things.

I cognized the Teachings of Krishna about the Path of bhakti cordial love for the beloved Creator. And I saw that there is no other way to cognition of God but the Way of the spiritual heart.

In Egypt I received initiations and understood the truths about the necessity of keeping the secret which protects the highest stages of the Path from the unworthy.

I easily cast away the husk of rites and legends, submerging Myself into the essence of the Teachings

I preached and taught in different countries. There are stories about My earthly life which were not included in the New Testament. They can reveal to those who are interested the details of that part of My life But this is not the main thing

Then I came back to Judaea in order to begin that part of My Service about which almost all people on the Earth know now. I brought to people Love of the Father and His Teachings. I accepted death, and then I rose, demonstrating through this the Omnipotence of the Father!

I showed the Way! And may it be cleared and extended further by your work this Path to the Heavenly Father!

Imbue yourselves with My Tenderness! Let the Tenderness of My Love be where there is no you! Let this Field of Love become yours, inherent in you!

Learn to radiate Love-Tenderness! From now on, let the Love of Christ fill your body and your cocoon!

Christ is the One Who, having cognized the Love of the Heavenly Father and having merged with Him in the Infinity, comes here to bring love and knowledge to people!

I give My Love to those who undertake the mission of the Great Service to the Father!

Carry, give My Teachings! I command you to love people as I love them!

Each seeker must know that he or she can stay with Me one-to-one and perceive My Love, My Help!

It is very important to those who are helping people, being the Living Light healing and transforming Light to show everyone the possibility to break the barrier of the disbelief in the ability of man to experience Living God!

A door is necessary, a passage between the world of people and the World of God. Spiritual heart is the key that is in your hands! It opens the door to Me, in Me!

Yours affectionately, Jesus



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