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The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ

The Process of Creation.
Multidimensionality of Space

During the non-manifest phase of a Manvantara, there are only the Primordial Consciousness of the Creator and building material for creation of matter and souls protoprakriti and protopurusha (see [6,12-13] for more details). The process of creation begins with local densifications of protoprakriti, which forms dense substrate for organic life to exist on. She came forth, she appeared before Him in the shine of His Light, she became the womb of everything (The Apocryphon of John 4:25-5:5)

The duration of the process of a world creation is not measured in days, but in epochs; six days of the world creation is an example of an incorrect translation of the Bible. (If we admit that these were days in the usual sense, then it follows that the creation of the world took place about 6000 years ago. However, archeological data indicate that people have existed on the Earth for about one million of years or even more).

In the Gospel of Phillip, spatial dimensions are called eons in Greek.

By using only words, it is impossible to explain completely the nature of any multidimensional structure, including the one of the Earth. One can only say that in the depth beneath each material object, there are layers of increasingly subtle, pure, tender, clear light. These layers can be cognized only with the help of special methods of development of the consciousness. This is a Path of gradual refinement of the consciousness, strengthening and crystallization of the consciousness at each of the levels achieved. This is the Path to cognition of the Creator.

The end of the world is an inverse process of disintegration of the Creation.

* * *

He willed it and the world (of the Creation) appeared. In a Divine thought, He gathered together the waters, separating from them the dry portion of the globe. He is the principle of the mysterious existence of man (i.e. human corporeal form), into whom He has breathed a part of His Being. (The Life of Saint Issa, 5:18)

He is life-giving Life (The Apocryphon of John, 4:1)

(He) has existed since all time and will still be after the end of all things (The Life of Saint Issa, 8:6).


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