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The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ

Marriage and Divorce

If one understands the previous chapter, then the reason of the seemingly contradictory statements of Jesus about the allowance of divorce is also clear. In some cases, He advised against it (Matt 19:3-9; Mark 10:2-12; Luke 16:18), in others on the contrary, He blessed divorce when one of the spouses could proceed on the Way to God, to Perfection, while another could not and did not want to go but only impeded the partner (Mark 10:29-30; Luke 18:29-30).

Do you suppose that I have come to give peace on the Earth? I tell you, no, but rather division! (Luke 12:51)

Why is it so? Because two people, after joining in marriage, do not necessarily develop with the same speed. They walked a certain part of the path together, learning from each other. But from a certain moment, this program may end, and then the programs of their studies with God have to be different God joined them, and He may part them If people try to oppose it by referring to the Bible, then they set themselves against God. It happens that the Church assumes the right to decide the affairs of joining and separating people. Yet, God did not assign this right to anyone: The Great Creator has not shared His Power with any living being! (The Life of Saint Issa, 5:17).

Family life is also lessons in the School of God called Earth. Two people were in the same grade in school, and they were in love with each other. But after leaving the school, they do not necessarily enter the same university for continuing their education, their paths may become different, and they also may be different different in the ability to comprehend information from God. In such a case, their joint family life will be adultery: Every sexual intercourse between dissimilar people is adultery (The Gospel of Philip, 42).

On this example we may see that the rules of conduct that God gives to people of different levels of development may be directly opposite.

When the blind and the sighted are together in darkness, they are not different from one another. (But) when light appears, the one who sees will see the light, and the one who is blind will remain in darkness. (The Gospel of Philip, 56)


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