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The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ

Morals and Ethics

Morals and ethics are not the same thing.

Morals are concepts of what is good and what is bad and how one should behave given this, they get formed and become a tradition in a certain society for a certain period of time. The moral rules may be very different in different countries or even in the same country in different epochs. Morals are a subjective phenomenon, since most of their rules do not follow from the objective necessity and advisability. Moral rules are about how to dress, where and how much one can bare the body, what turns of speech are decent and what are not, what one should be ashamed of, what is appropriate to do and what is not, etc.

Ethical principles are objective. They follow from real necessity and advisability. They are based on the understanding of the Path to the Perfection, to God. This is what God tries to explain to people.

Ethics is the science about the correct attitude of man:

a) to God (in all of His Aspects and Manifestations),

b) to other people and to all incarnate and non-incarnate beings,

c) to ones own life path.


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