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The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ


Those who disdain people of the opposite sex in the next incarnation will surely get a body of that sex and will be embodied in the social environment that will make them experience fully the same disdain on themselves.

It is the same with the national factor, with confessional one, with the problem of sexual minorities: the one who despises or hates people because they are not like me, not like us will be taught by God to be compassionate to the pain of others through ones own pain. This is one of the usual methods of God for teaching us.

It is for this reason that He creates bodies of various minorities to incarnate in them sinners who disliked these minorities.

Our task is to learn not to subdivide people by any feature into us and aliens. We all are children of God! thus God teaches us: There is no difference between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord is over all who call on Him! (Rom 10:12). It is the same with any feature of an external human appearance.

What is important when we assess people is their gunas. One should love everyone but do it differently. So, some people should be loved with love-devotion and respect, others in the same way as we love children or friends, and yet others with love-compassion. But one must never hate or disdain anyone!

So are disciples of God. If they are wise, they comprehend the discipleship. Fleshly forms do not deceive them, and speaking with someone, they look at the state of the soul of that person.

There are many animals with human appearance in this world. Disciples of God identify them and give acorns to the pigs, barley, straw, and grass to the cattle, garbage to the dogs, sprouts to the slaves, and the perfect food to the children. (The Gospel of Philip, 119)


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