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Jesus Christ

The term Christianity may denote all the knowledge imparted by the Creator to people during the entire history of human existence on the Earth through His Messengers, Who are called in different languages Messiah, Christ, or Avatar, among other terms.

However, historically it happened that the term Christianity denotes those Teachings about the Path to the Perfection that were given to us through Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, the Teachings of Jesus were oversimplified in many ways and perverted by people because of their ignorance. These Teachings quite often were transformed from Christianity to anti-Christianity, although they were called by the same name.

The examples of this are the Holy Inquisition, the Crusades and other kinds of aggressive wars launched by Christian countries, the inculcation of hatred, aggressiveness, and incredible cruelty towards infidels and heretics under the slogan of struggle for the holy faith

That is why, the true Teachings of Jesus Christ should be distinguished from certain beliefs that are also called sometimes the true Christianity

This website describes how the spiritual Path was and is understood by Jesus Christ, His closest Disciples-Apostles, and some of the spiritual adepts who fully fulfilled the Teachings of Jesus.

The spiritual Path consists of steps.

The first step implies receiving the knowledge about how we should understand the word God, what the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness is, what constitutes the meaning of human life and how to realize it in the best way.

The second step consists in changing ones own ethical qualities in accordance with the righteousness suggested to us by God.

The third step is the work on oneself with the use of esoteric meditative methods. The purpose of such work is to develop oneself as a soul (consciousness) to that level where one can cognize directly the non-incarnate Divine Representatives of the Creator, as well as the Creator Himself, and then merge with Him.

* * *

Jesus Christ recommended to the creators of this website:

Every one of you should live so that through your bodies, your style of life, your deeds, words, thoughts, books, and films people can learn to love God!

It is very important to teach people to love so that they can later direct their love towards God, at least, a part of their love to begin with!

How can one dedicate ones life to God, to His Evolution if one does not love Him?!

To awaken in themselves and to develop further their love for God is a very important task both for those who just begin their spiritual Path and for large and strong souls!

Only those people who have the love for God and for His Creation can understand fully the meaning of their lives, as well as the fact that the Creator is real and it is possible to merge with Him.

For those who do not have love, this knowledge means nothing. Nevertheless, it is necessary to inform them as well

One can cognize God only through love for Him!

Love is an emotion. Love implies, among other things, a self-sacrificing attitude, i.e. the readiness to dedicate all your life, all your thoughts and acts to the object of your love. 

Let this be true for your love for God as well!

Live for Him! Love Him! Only in such self-sacrificing dedication of oneself, the fire of the human soul can merge with the Divine Fire, Heavenly Fire, Creative Fire!

The Divine Fire is the Creative Aspect of God! It is Love, Which is the Power of the Creator!




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