The Teachings of Jesus Christ

Parables About the Elder Zosima:

Parable about Prayer, Repentance, and Miracles Performed by God

Parable about Life of a Soul on the Palm of God

Parable about Secret of Sensible Prayer and Acquisition of Inner Silence

Parable about God's Help and How to Help People

Parable about the Good: Accomplished Good and Undone Good

Parable about the Temple

Parable about Humility and Monastic Life

Parable about Death and Resurrection

Published book

The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ


This collection contains autobiographical parables of one of the Divine Teachers, also known as Ngomo*. These parables tell us about the best that existed in the history of the Russian Christian monasticism.

Material collected in this book can be considered as one of the manuals of spiritual life for all who seek to become better before the Face of God.




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Parables about the Elder Zosima

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